3-hour online training



This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty


– 3 hours with one of Ardusimple’s engineers with live online demonstrations
– Q&A session included
– Electronic educational material

Do you want to save engineering time and see how dual band GNSS technology works in a your use case?

Do you want to receive a training to speed up your integration time?

Try our 3-hour online training session. One of our senior engineers will explain and demonstrate all the capabilities of u-blox ZED-F9P dual band GNSS with simpleRTK2B boards.

You will be able to see simpleRTK2B in all its configurations (standalone, base-rover, AHRS, …) so you can have a better idea of its capabilities.

If you have any questions or want a customized offer send us an e-mail to info@ardusimple.com or try our 1-hour consulting service.

Good to know:
– The price includes educational electronic material for download
– You can order this product between many users to share expenses (maximum of 10 online users to ease communication)
– The training will be done via Skype

Want to learn more about GPS/RTK?

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3.You will only hear from us when we have important news, we won’t spam your email