New Product launch: Professional Kits

Ardusimple professional kits

Many of you are using our RTK boards for work, and we noticed that our store was missing a lot of the accessories required to really put simpleRTK2B boards together with a mobile phone and get in the field right away.

Instead of making a complex tutorial with items from 6 or 7 different shops and delivery time of months, we decided to put everything together for you and offer it as a ready to work set.

And today we wanted to share with you our first 2 new Professional Kits, especially useful for our survey and mapping customers:

  • RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit, which offers traditional survey performance at ArduSimple price. Thanks to it’s NGS Calibrated Survey Antenna it can also be used for post-processing PPK with antenna calibration file.
  • RTK Handheld Surveyor Kit, which offers survey performance in a much more compact and portable way.
  • simpleRTK2Blite+BT Case Kit, the minimum of the minimum required to achieve centimeter precision in a comfortable in a boxed format.

Both products are ready to ship the next day, global delivery in 2-4 days. And we have plenty of stock!

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team