Introducing the Vehicle Mount LR/XLR antenna

Ardusimple Vehcile Mount LR-XLR antenna

Dear followers,

We received a lot of feedback asking for an antenna that was easier to install outside of the vehicle: for achieving better range and making a fixed installation simpler. After a lot of testing, we arrived to the right product, and today we are presenting it to you. We would like to introduce you the ArduSimple Vehicle Mount LR/XLR antenna. Some highlights:

  • Compatible with LR and XLR radios modules.
  • Optimized for LR/XLR radio frequency, with great noisy immunity against other RF transmitters.
  • One variant for Europe, and one variant for North America/Australia/New Zealand.
  • Includes 2m low loss cable to minimize the losses on the cable.
  • Full IP67, you can leave it mounted outside 🙂

The product is since now in stock and available for purchase. We wish you fun your RTK project!

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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