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List of RTK correction services and NTRIP Casters in Cyprus

If you’re in Cyprus and need centimeter-level position accuracy, you’ll need access to an RTK correction service or NTRIP Caster via the internet.

National RTK network in Cyprus

Many countries around the world have established their own National RTK Networks to support various high-precision GNSS applications within their borders, Cyprus is among them.
In order to access real-time services, you will need to register on the website or to send them an email to get your NTRIP credentials. Their website is usually not user-friendly, so you will need to find the way to register or contact them. If you have any problem, contact us and our support team will help you.

CYPOSPaid national service

Free international RTK correction services in Cyprus

If you only need pass-to-pass accuracy, and you don't need to compare your measurements with local maps done by other companies, social-based RTK networks are the cheapest way to go. There are also free global correction services with calibrated base stations which are available in Cyprus. You can use them to achieve centimeter-level accuracy if you are lucky to have a base station close to you (remember that RTK only works up to 35-50 km):

RTK2GOFree global community based correction network without quality of service
IGSFree global low density high quality correction service
UNAVCOFree global low density high quality correction service

We have prepared a tutorial How to connect simpleRTK2B series receiver to a NTRIP correction service via PC.

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