List of RTK correction services and NTRIP Casters in Andorra

For those in Andorra seeking precision to the centimeter, it is connecting to necessary to access an RTK correction service or an NTRIP Caster through the internet.

Andorran National RTK network

Numerous countries have developed National RTK Networks to facilitate high-accuracy GNSS operations. However, to our knowledge, Andorra hasn't established such a network yet. Should you have information about any RTK networks in Andorra, please feel free to let us know.

Free RTK Correction Services in Andorra

For tasks requiring pass-to-pass precision without the need for alignment with external mapping data, community-driven RTK networks provide a cost-effective solution. Andorra also benefits from complimentary international correction services with calibrated base stations. These can offer centimeter-level precision, particularly if you’re within 35-50 km of a base station:

RTK2GOFree global community based correction network without quality of service
IGSFree global low density high quality correction service
UNAVCOFree global low density high quality correction service

Paid RTK-SSR correction services in Andorra

Should the free services not meet your needs, or if you require a provider guaranteeing service quality, we have a list of paid options:

u-blox PointPerfect2-4 centimeter accuracy augmentation service (RTK-SSR). Contact us for a free trial, and explore our tutorials How to use PointPerfect with u-blox receivers and How to use PointPerfect with Septentrio and non u-blox receivers.

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