Product update: simpleRTK2Blite final version is here and in stock (with JST Pixhawk connector)

Dear followers,

As promised, simpleRTK2Blite is here and in stock! Remaining backorders will be shipped out on Monday July 29th!

And we wanted to introduce to you the final version of simpleRTK2Blite. Some features that are relevant to highlight:

  • Can be used standalone by connecting it to an XBee socket or a Pixhawk autopilot by using its JST connector. You can connect both at the same time, no problem.
  • Can be used with Bluetooth, MR & LR radios on top of it.
  • EXTINT for timestamp available
  • Connected on top of the classic simpleRTK2B, it upgrades it to also provide GPS heading.
  • As always, we can ship it pre-configured according to your needs.

To help you understand better the possibilities of this product, we created the simplertk2Blite product page and its hookup guide.

You will find 3 new products in our store:

Have an amazing week!

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ArduSimple Team