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Product Launch: New Calibrated Survey GNSS Multiband Antenna (IP67) with NGS Calibration

Survey calibrated antenna NGS

Dear followers,

At ArduSimple we are also starting slowly the “unlockdown”.
After a few months of pure home office development, we have a lot of surprises prepared for the upcoming months.

Today we would like to present to the world the new ArduSimple Calibrated Survey GNSS Multiband antenna (IP67), approved by NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS) and with Antenna Calibration Files available.

So what is the difference with the existing low cost Survey Antenna at ArduSimple?
The new Calibrated Survey Antenna:

  • Is approved by NGS, so can be used in Professional Surveying applications.
  • Thanks to its calibration files, can be used for more accurate PPK and post-processing operations.
  • It’s more waterproof, IP67 vs IP66.
  • It’s more rugged, the new Calibrated antenna can stand a fall to the ground from 2 meters pole, whereas the old Survey may break.
  • Has a wider power supply range, up to 12V (vs 5V from the older version), so compatible with most of the high end GNSS receivers in the market.
  • Shorter cable, 1.5meters instead of 2.5meters. We received the feedback that the cable was too long in the previous version 🙂 Perfect for surveyor pole installation!

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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