New ZED-F9P HPG 1.30 firmware

If you are looking for improved positioning performance, it will be difficult for you to notice the difference with the new firmware. ZED-F9P HPG 1.30 firmware brings mostly software feature like:

  • Support for free CLAS L-band RTK-SSR correction services in Japan (with this accessory)
  • Support for paid u-blox L-band RTK-SSR correction services in Europe and North America (u-blox approval required)
  • UBX on UART2
  • Additional BeiDou satellites supported (Space Vehicles ID 37 to 63)
  • Some bugfixes

You can read the complete details in the official release notes document.

Remember that you can check which firmware has your receiver and learn how to update to a new one following our ZED-F9P tutorial for firmware check and upgrade.

And if you have any questions just contact us, we always answer.

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