Introducing simpleSSR receivers: finally no need of base station to achieve centimeter accuracy

simpleSSR with Thingstream Point Perfect

Dear followers,

During the last 2 years we have been trying to make RTK technology affordable and simpler to use. We have been happy to see that our base-rover starter kits have helped many of you enjoy centimeter level GNSS, almost out of the box.

But on our relentless pursue on making RTK simpler, this was not enough for us. We couldn’t sleep at night when receiving e-mails from customers who were facing challenges setting up their base station. Or calibrating its position. Or keeping the base station in line-of-sight from the rovers.

After a lot of home office thinking, we decided that the only way to solve this once and for all, was to remove the hassle of the base station from our customers. Today we would like to present to the world the new simpleSSR receivers integrating SAPA Premium Service by Sapcorda: with base coverage all over Europe and continental North America, and coastal waters up to 38km. In combination with simpleRTK2B V3 boards, we can now say that plug and play RTK is here.

And to celebrate this, we are launching one of our crazy deals: An RTK receiver with integrated 1 year SAPA Premium Service at 999€/unit.

You will find all technical details in the new simpleSSR product page.

Thanks again for your support!
ArduSimple Team

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