SBC Custom Software



This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

Add this item to the shopping cart if you want that we pre-configure the SBC for you.

Do you want to receive your SBC already pre-configured to meet your needs? Add this configuration service to your shopping cart.

This is how it works:
1. Describe all your needs in the text field
2. Click add to cart
3. We will make sure that when you receive the material, you just need to power and start testing

Some examples:
“I want SBC to output position GGA and heading in HDT at 5Hz via USB. I will provide RTCM corrections via serial port @ 115’200bps” ⇒ We will configure the GPS for you and create a custom software for you. We will send you all the configuration files in case you want to do it yourself in your second order!
“I want 1 SBC as a base and 2 rovers connected to the same base” ⇒ We will configure the radios in a way that one kit doesn’t interfere with the other
“I ordered a kit in the past, and now I want to add a new rover” ⇒ We will configure the new rover so it connects to the radio network that you already have

If your needs change over time, you will always be able to reconfigure the devices following our tutorials or request a new configuration service 🙂

Important to know:
– Only port configurations and protocol settings are included in this service. If you need an application with advanced logic (control a motor, send data to a server, connect an external sensor, etc) you will need a special quote. Contact us in this case.
– In case of any doubt, contact us before paying for this service. Once the payment is done, the bank fees are charged to us and we will not be able to refund you the full amount.

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