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Product launch simpleRTK2Blite: RTK and heading made simple, in only 8 grams

simpleRTK2Blite moving base

Dear backers, customers & followers,

We received a lot of requests about how to use 2 simpleRTK2B boards to have RTK heading functionality, or what u-blox calls “Moving Base”. A few of you were looking for a smaller board that you could use in your lightweight projects. Others were just wondering if simpleRTK2B was the end of the road for ArduSimple.

To answer all these questions and after a lot of brainstorming, we came with the idea of simpleRTK2Blite, that today we want to present to you. SimpleRTK2Blite:

  • Adds plug-and-play heading functionality for your simpleRTK2B board, no soldering needed.
  • Is an ultra lightweight (only 8 grams!) board for your minimalist projects.

And all this in the very available XBee footprint. To understand more how to use this board in your projects, we have launched a new simpleRTK2Blite product page. To start with, we have decided to launch 2 products:

If anything is not clear, don’t hesitate to post in our q&a forum, so all the community can benefit from it.

And what about its availability? We decided to launch this product in a different way:

  • We are preparing our production line and we will be shipping in unlimited quantity latest by July 31st.
  • From now and until June 30th, the product is available for pre-order with free shipping. After June 30th, the free shipping promotion will not be available anymore.
  • Starting June 15th, we will be producing a few units in our pre-production line which has little capacity. This means that the first buyers will get its units already during June and July.

Stay tuned, we already told our wives and kids that there is no summer vacation this year. This is just the beginning of a very exciting roadmap of products to make high precision GPS/GNSS, simple and affordable, so you can focus on building your project around it. Please continue sending us feedback and ideas, this only helps us improve, and take the right decisions for future products.

Thanks again for all your trust!

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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