New product: Septentrio Mosaic in ArduSimple Micro format!

Are you doing your own PCB design but are not planning thousands of units in production? Don’t get in trouble assembling expensive SMD components: in case something else goes wrong in the design/production, you don’t want to throw the expensive part to the trash.

The ArduSimple Micro form factor gives you a lot of advantages to accelerate your project and reduce your total cost and risk:

  • Allows you to re-use expensive SMD components in case something goes wrong.
  • Takes care of all the RF complexity so you only need to worry about connecting an antenna directly to the module.
  • Delay the money invested for the expensive part. Produce 100pcs of your low cost board without GNSS/RTK receiver, and only when boards are with you an tested you can buy the 10-20 GNSS/RTK boards that you need.
  • Solder by hand ZED-F9P or Septentrio module
  • Re-use ZED-F9P or Septentrio module in case something goes wrong, or you simply want to upgrade your design with new generation features
  • Use the same PCB design for both ZED-F9P and Septentrio Mosaic.

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