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Building a low cost RTK Receiver with dual RS232 and ZED-F9P

Use case A: You want to use your existing radio that outputs correction data via RS232 (DB9) connector, and you have a system that accepts GPS/RTK positions via RS232 (or DB9) connector.

Use case B: You have 2 onboard devices / monitors that have input for RTK, but each of them requires different settings.

For above use cases and more, you can build your RTK receiver with double RS232 input/output with the following items and just a few hundred dollars:

Good to know:

  • The upper RS232 is connected to ZED-F9P UART2.
  • The lower RS232 is connected to ZED-F9P UART1. You can use u-center together with UBX-CFG-PRT and UBX-CFG-MSG to change the settings of both UART1 and UART2
  • You can power the system via USB, or connect it directly to the 12V battery of your vehicle.

You can read more about this accessory in the RS232-to-Everything hookup guide. And if you are not sure about something just contact us, we always answer!