BT+BLE Bridge Hookup Guide

Hardware overview:

The BT+BLE is the simplest way to connect an RTK system with your iOS or Android device via classic Bluetooth (BT) or Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and use it with your preferred app.
This product only does one thing but does it good.

The module has the following connections:

  • XBee socket
  • BOOT button, in case you need to upgrade the firmware
  • Multi-color LED. Can help you understand what is going on by just looking at its status.
    To simplify the understanding, classic Bluetooth (BT) is shown in red while Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is shown in blue
LED Status
Alternative blinking red/blue: device has just started and can be paired as a classic Bluetooth (BT) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device
Blinking red slow+fast: device has been paired as classic Bluetooth (BT)
Blinking blue slow+fast: device has been paired as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Fixed red: device has been connected as classic Bluetooth
Blinking red: device has been connected as classic Bluetooth and is receiving/transmitting data
Fixed blue: device has been connected as Bluetooth Low Energy
Blinking blue: device has been connected as Bluetooth Low Energy and is receiving/transmitting data


Just plug the BT+BLE Bridge on the XBee socket with the right orientation, the LED will start blinking.
This plugin is compatible with all our receivers that have an XBee socket.

ESP32 WiFI NTRIP client + simpleRTK2B simpleRTK2Blite WiFi NTRIP master


  1. Plug the BT+BLE Bridge plugin into your RTK receiver
  2. Make sure your RTK receiver outputs the desired information on the UART where the plugin is connected to and its baudrate is 115’200ps
  3. Power your RTK receiver
  4. The BT+BLE Bridge plugin LED will start blinking red+blue, open your iOS or Android device, go to Bluetooth settings, search for your device which name will be BT+BLE_Bridge_XXXX
  5. Open your preferred app and connect to your device
    Notice that you may need to connect two times to the BT+BLE Bridge plugin the first time at each power up
  6. The BT+BLE Bridge LED will start blinking on red or blue as soon as data is being transmittedin either direction

(Optional) Performing a firmware upgrade

You will find here the latest firmware upgrade and a short tutorial on how to perform the upgrade.
Notice that the hardware is the same as the WiFi NTRIP Master, so by changing the firmware you can also convert it to it.

(Optional) Pinout for PCB integration

If you want to use the BT+BLE Bridge on your own PCB, or maybe with your own software, the pinout will be useful for you. Note that the footprint is the standard XBee.

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