About us

Since 2018 ArduSimple (www.ardusimple.com) develops user friendly and affordable products and tools for evaluation of centimeter GPS technology,  including Multiband GPS/GNSS and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) functionality.

ArduSimple’s vision is to make GNSS RTK technology simple, affordable and accessible to everyone. With a series of starter kits, tutorials, engineering services and OEM products, ArduSimple allows their customers to:

  • Test the technology and believe it is possible to achieve centimeter level precision at affordable cost.
  • Accelerate their projects and developments, thanks to plug and play evaluation boards and starter kits.
  • Create products and solutions, thanks to qualified support, turnkey services and pre-configured OEM products.

Our values

Customer experience first

  • We help you order the right items.
    • If you are new to the high precision world and you are not sure which products you need, you can explain us your requirements/use case and we will help you to prepare an order that suits your needs.
    • If our team detects a possible problem with your order (product incompatibility, weird configurations, …) we will stop its processing and contact you to clarify possible errors before shipping it.
  • At ArduSimple every request gets an answer, also when we can’t please the request.
    • We really try to answer every request within 24h.
    • If a question comes too many times or was already in the documentation, it means we didn’t explain it well enough. We will update the documentation.
  • Logistics must be excellent.
    • We ship globally and our average order-to-delivery time is below 3 days. If you order today before european noon it will be shipped already today.
    • All our shipments are insured. ArduSimple will respond if your order is not delivered.
    • We put a lot of effort and investment in our warehouse stock, to make sure we don’t run out of stock and can continue shipping the next day.
    • Keep the customer informed. All our shipments can be tracked realtime after purchase.
  • Price is important to our customers. Within some limits, we removed anything that is not strictly necessary from an RTK receiver:
    • We design and manufacture ourselves, without outsourcing.
    • We only sell online, we don’t have salesmen and offices all over the world.
    • We don’t organize seminars and we don’t have huge marketing budget.
    • Payment terms different than pre-payment, telephone support or conference calls, samples and custom configurations are offered at a fee.

Continuous improvement

  • Zero field return policy. Every customer return or production test fail is used to improve a process.
  • Field feedback loop. Mistakes are rare but may happen. We accept constructive criticism which helps us be better. We can’t please everyone but try to learn from every situation.

Keep it simple (ArduSimple)

  • Simpler is always better. In case of doubt, we choose the decision towards making our technology simpler to improve user experience.
  • Financial freedom. We are not tied to any bank, venture capital or similar companies. We self-finance all our operations in order to have maximum freedom in taking decisions.

Where are we? And where are our customers?

Our main R&D office is located in Andorra and our global warehouse is in Lleida (Spain), one hour away from Barcelona.
We also have two global warehouses in the United States thanks to our local partners Mouser Electronics and DigiKey Electronics and one warehouse in Hong Kong with our local partner LCSC.

About our customers, what we can say is that we have already customers in more than 114 countries worldwide. You can see below in purple all the countries where customers are already enjoying affordable centimeter precision GPS/GNSS with ArduSimple.

ardusimple location

Do you want to know more?

If you want to read all the details on how we started, you can Read Our Story.

Want to learn more about GPS/RTK?

1. Our engineering team will contact you to solve any questions
2. We will keep you updated about promotions and new product releases
3.You will only hear from us when we have important news, we won’t spam your email