3D Choke Ring GNSS RTK antenna certified by NGS in stock

Triple band choke ring antenna with cover

ArduSimple 3D Choke Ring GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67) brings high performance and low cost together. Approved by NGS and with ANTEX calibration files available. In stock and ready for global shipment in 2-4 working days.

What is a 3D Choke Ring Antenna?

Choke ring antennas are known for their muti-path rejection compared with other type of geodetic antennas. They can maintain superior levels of multipath rejection performance, whilst setting new level in low elevation tracking performance compared to traditional survey antennas. It has become the preferred product for reference stations, CORS networks, geodetic base station, monitoring, seismic studies, and atmospheric studies applications. But usually they are out of budget for many applications.

Do I need a 3D Choke Ring antenna for my RTK project?

This type of antenna makes sense if you are looking for the best of the best in terms of antenna performance. If you are looking for millimeter precision measurements, and you have an RTK receiver supporting triple band GPS/GNSS like ArduSimple simpleRTK3B, this can provide you with the best performance in the market. The market price for such solution in the market is well above 10’000$, but with ArduSimple 3D Choke Ring GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67) it has been reduced to less than half!

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