Webstore update: we now also accept US Dollars (and free shipping to US & Canada!)

Dear followers,

With the independence day around the corner, we had to find a way to celebrate it also from the other side of the ocean. After thinking very hard, we finally came up with this idea.

Jokes aside, we received lots of messages asking if it is possible to pay in USD in our webstore, what is the exchange rate from EUR to USD and where is our warehouse.
We wanted to give answers to these questions publicly:

  • Starting now you can pay in both EUR and USD in our webstore.
  • The official exchange rate will be applied in all orders
  • Our global warehouse is in Europe (nearby Barcelona, highly recommended for a weekend trip with family and friends).

And to celebrate this, we decide to launch a new free shipping campaign:

  • Free shipping for orders above 200$ being shipped to US & Canada.  This offer will last until the end of the Independence Day (4th of July).

Happy Birthday America!

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team