We are almost there!


Last week the simpleRTK2B Kickstarter campaign exceeded its funding goal.
We are very happy to launch this project and we want to thank again everyone who made this possible.
But we can’t relax yet, we need to stay above the funding goal until Friday 9PM CET.

And before this deadline, we wanted to share with you a few pieces of information:

  • Once the Kickstarter project is closed, we will enable our online store at www.ardusimple.com/store
    We won’t be able to maintain the campaign prices as we explained, because production with smaller batches have higher costs.
    So if you are thinking about buying a simpleRTK2B or increasing your pledge, now it’s a good moment!
  • After the campaign is finished, you will receive a survey to confirm more details about your pledge (personal details, shipping address, products pledged, etc)
  • We will keep you posted on the production process with regular updates
  • We will prioritize the shipping to our backers by the time of their pledge (first backers are served first)
  • During this production period, we will publish basic tutorials so you can start getting ready to plug your boards as soon as they are on your hands
  • Right now, we are above the 58.800€ goal. If we maintain this number when the campaign ends, we will provide free OEM->IP65 antenna upgrades + USB OTG to connect the simpleRTK2B to a smartphone.
    We will send a USB OTG to all backers unless someone explicitly asks us not to.
    Read carefully the following instructions about the OEM->IP65 antenna upgrade:
    1) If you did not order any IP65 antenna, you will be asked in the survey how many OEM antennas you want to upgrade (the number needs to match with your pledge).
    You can also choose not to upgrade any of them.
    2) If you order an IP65 antenna and you want to benefit from the upgrade, you can update your pledge amount by subtracting 17€ for each IP65 antenna you ordered. We will ask the same questions as 1) during the survey
    Be aware that if the final campaign amount is not >=58.800€ the upgrades won’t take place.
    Be aware that if you don’t modify your pledge before the end of the campaign, we will not refund the 17€ for each IP65 antenna (there are commissions everywhere for the refundings)
    We already placed an initial order for the IP65 antennas, so if you decide to upgrade your antennas you will be placed at the end of the shipping queue
    We are aware that this is not ideal, but the Kickstarter platform is really limited and this is the best way we came out.
    If you have doubts about this process, please add a comment to this post and we will answer it asap.

Thanks again for your trust and let’s make it to the end!

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