Ski turn analysis with RTK GPS

For the fans and professionals of alpine ski today we want to share the project developed by K.Matsuhashi from Japan.

Mr. Matsuhashi had problems to objectively measure the quality of his skiing turns and quantify its skidding. To resolve this challenge he had the great idea of giving a try to RTK technology. And it was a success!

By integrating one simpleRTK2B+heading Starter Kit on each ski, it was possible to get realtime, the vector defined by the skis up to 8 times per second. With this information and a software developed by him, he can now analyze his skiing performance after each run.

As always, a 1-minute video is better than thousand words ūüôā

If you want to read more details and stay up to date on this project, you can visit his project site at Shinshu Makers.