simpleRTK2B project is go: u-blox ZED-F9P modules ordered

simpleRTK2B product timeline

The Kickstarter project we launched in September to fund an initial large batch production of the simpleRTK2B boards is close to its end.
We are now confident that we will reach (or exceed) the funding goal.
For this reason, and to avoid delays in production, we decided to start ordering the most critical components (in terms of availability), and one of them is the ZED-F9P module from u-blox.

After the campaign is finished, we will continue selling the products from our online store. But production will be done in smaller batches, and therefore prices will be higher.

This means that the prices offered in the Kickstarter project will be available only during the upcoming 12 days. So hurry up and get your simpleRTK2B kit at the best price!

You can see a part of the order confirmation by u-blox:

300 ZED-F9P modules ordered

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