simpleRTK2B hack #1: unleash the double USB power of simpleRTK2B

simpleRTK2B hack 1

Use case:
Customer has a computer (with Internet) and needs to connect the simpleRTK2B to a NTRIP service to get cm level accuracy and also needs to send NMEA strings to a 3rd application.

The user can use the POWER+GPS USB to:
a) Connect the simpleRTK2B to u-center and get NTRIP corrections
b) Connect the simpleRTK2B to the 3rd party application and provide it with NMEA strings
but can’t do both things at the same time, so the application can’t use cm level accuracy and precision

1) Connect the simpleRTK2B to u-center via POWER+GPS USB
2) View > Messages View > UBX > CFG > PRT
3) Change UART2 Protocol in to none, Protocol out to NMEA, click Send
4) Bridge the TX and RX pins of the XBee socket with a wire
simpleRTK2B hack 1 detail

That’s all!
Your are ready to use the POWER+XBEE USB with your preferred NMEA application, while providing NTRIP corrections via the POWER+GPS USB

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