ROLAVI GNSS surveyor kits in Peru

Today we are sharing with you the project of the company GEOTELEDETECCION in Peru. Leaded by Marco Herrera who is geographic engineer, they have designed a receiver called ROLAVI GNSS with simpleRTK2B boards. ROLAVI GNSS is able of obtaining 10 mm of precision in both RTK and NTRIP modes, for distances up to 6 km in RTK and 60 km in NTRIP. Apart from that, ROLAVI GNSS works with any application with NMEA connection data and has a built-in battery pack.

Some of the main features of ROLAVI GNSS:

  1. Battery with a duration of up to 8 hours.
  2. It is light: 350 grams.
  3. Power switch.
  4. Fast charge
  5. ROLAVI GNSS Works in RTK, PPK and NTRIP.

And the best, the product is in stock and ready to buy at

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