ZED F9P not getting configured for SBAS

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dskumher asked 4 years ago
Hello sir,
I am using HPG 1.10 firmware. In UBX-CFG-SBAS window,  I want to configure SBAS services to check apply SBAS correction data, Want to choose 2 channels & PRN codes for GAGAN SBAS . When I send the message, it is not applied. I mean to say is that when I open connect the module again, it again goes back to  ‘ auto scan ‘ setting again. The module never acquires DGNSS fix.Only 3D fix. Same thing occurs when I try to configure through UBX-CFG-VALSET.

Another problem is that no data is seen in UBX-NAV-SBAS & also in UBX-NAV-SVINFO whereas I could easily get in my earlier module NEO 7P. What could be the problem ? 

Ken McGuire
replied 4 years ago

SBAS is not supported on the F9P, so no matter what you set the config options you won’t get any SBAS data.
UBX-NAV-SVINFO has been deprecated, replaced by UBX-NAV-SAT which is very similar.
Read the documentation –> https://www.u-blox.com/en/product/zed-f9p-module#tab-documentation-resources

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