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Ken McKinnon asked 1 year ago
\”Have F9P firmware V1.13 on all ardusimple boards. Do you recommend upgrading to F9P Firmware Version 1.30

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Ardusimple Staff answered 1 year ago
1.30 has rather more features than performance improvements, but in general we can say 1.30 is better than 1.13. We will publish our configuration files for 1.30 next week.
replied 1 year ago

For most uses cases of current customers it runs SLOWER

Although high update rates are generally seen as a cop-out for a systemic failure to manage time and motion appropriately. Perhaps reflect on the vast number of drone/flight systems that don’t use TIMEPULSE and/or TIMEMARK.

clive1 answered 1 year ago
Generally speaking FW 1.13 is very solid, it will definitely run for months on end without failure. I’ve use them for base stations, and then rovers running at 8 Hz, at rates like 10 Hz you may run out of processing bandwidth, depends a lot on constellation and satellite counts, although these can be constrained somewhat.
There are a couple of corner cases, including one where it drops briefly out of RTK Fixed for an epoch or two. I would recommend reading the FW 1.30 release notes to better understand what was addresses from 1.13.
The FW 1.30 fixes a number of things, and adds several new features, HOWEVER you should be aware these come with costs, and the specification numbers for update rates have been shrunk again in terms of the maximum speeds. Note SPECIFICALLY that the update rate for using all constellation is now 7 Hz
Big adds would be Dual Solutions (w/wo augmentation, for example), and protection level. Support for SPARTN satellite based augmentation data, and UBX messages on UART2

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