ZED-F9P base module doesnt send 1005 RTCM package. So no RTK GPS

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsZED-F9P base module doesnt send 1005 RTCM package. So no RTK GPS
karim.tayari asked 1 year ago
Hello everyone!
Im stuck in this one Situation. i want to build a GPS controlled lawnmower with RTK GPS. I ordered teh RTK2Blite kit from Ardusimple which is based on the Ublox ZED-F9P Chip. I Used the configuration files for Base and Rover Module from Ardusimple. I think they partly work, because 4 of 5 package gets sent.
\"1\"packet console output:
\"2\"Does anyone have any idea, why it doesnt work?

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clive1 answered 1 year ago
Cross posted here also
The Base needs to be in TIME mode, check reporting via UBX-NAV-PVT and UBX-NAV-SVIN, check UBX-CFG-TMODE3 either has a static location, or is working a SURVEY-IN
It is better to understand how to configure the receiver, than use a script / configuration file where you don’t know what it does.
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