XBEE>GPS: XBEE sendet keine Daten zum F9P

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tobi.bopp asked 11 months ago

I have configured a 4G ntrip client and now I want to send corecture data (RTK) to the F9P with this module. I think the client is working correctly (LED flashing fast). On the board the lamp no RTK is lit and XBEE>GPS is not lit.

What could be the reason that the XBEE module is not sending anything?

UART2: 115200 baudrate, in RTCM3, out NMEA

Staff replied 11 months ago

Can you please unplug the modem and check at which position the switch is?

Staff replied 10 months ago

Hi tobi, could you resolve the problem?

replied 10 months ago

I have the same problem. Just the 4G Ntrip is configured as UART1. I am using the configuration file “simpleSSR 5Hz”. No RTK fix and LED for XBee>GPS is not flashing.
MON-MSGPP does not show any NMEA or RTCM3 Messages for UART1.

Staff replied 10 months ago

Hi roborobo,
simpleSSR is different than 4G, can you open a separate question for your case? Thanks!

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