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vcorp asked 5 months ago
Hello, we bought a new simpleRTK2B kit but the xbees don’t work.
They have a new firmware version than they go and even though I uploaded the configuration (via XCTU) they still don’t connect to the base.
I tried to downgrade the firmware but failed in any way. What can I do to make them operational? do i need to change anything on simpleRTK2B cards in terms of configuration?
Old xbee firmware working: A007 (same on base and client)
New xbee firmware: A00A but the simplertk2b wont work with it.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 5 months ago
Hi vcorp,
The xbee radios are pre-configured, regardless of the firmware version you found on them they are all pre-configured.
If you connected with XCTU and did any upgrade or parameter change they will lose the pre-configuration.
To resolve this case, you will have to contact my colleagues at info@ardusimple.com and send a description of which changes you did on the radio firmware and configuration, together with your order number.
replied 5 months ago

I will try to contact your colleagues because, the other kits we have taken also have the same problem. The xbees all mount the latest firmware and do not communicate with the simplertk2b.

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