Xbee settings for different frequency radios

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Simon asked 2 weeks ago
Hi all
I recently purchased a RTK2B LR starter kit for my agopengps project however I accidently ordered the Xbee SX 800Mhz version for Europe.
I Have purchased the correct Xbee SX Pro 900Mhz radios for Australia from Mouser but is it possible to read the configuration files off the 800Mhz radios using XCTU and copy this to the 900Mhz radios? Or are there configuration files available for this?
Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Simon,
The configuration is different for europe and australia. We are not aware of sx pro 900mhz in through hole format. How do you make the connection? Maybe if you could send some pictures of your setup to info@ardusimple.com we can try to help.