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Xbee Radio configuration for simpleRTK2b

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsXbee Radio configuration for simpleRTK2b
tron asked 2 weeks ago
Hi, I have a pair of simpleRTK2BV3 boards, one as base and one as rover, using the configuration files downloaded from Ardusimple. I also have a set of Xbee Pro 900hp 10kbps radios. I have the radios set in transparent mode and at a baudrate of 115kbps. The issue I have is that the rover isn’t consistently receiving all of the RTCM packets and keeps dropping out of RTK. When I hard-wire the serial ports between the base and rover together, the packets go through fine and the rover quickly gets and keeps its RTK lock. When connected to the rover and using the radios, I see that the 1074 packet comes through consistently, but counts on the 1084, 1094, and 1230 come through at about quarter to half speed, and the 1005 packet only comes through about once a minute. For testing, the radios are within 50ft of each other & I’ve tried changing the power levels, but so far, nothing seems to make a difference.
Are there recommended settings for the radios? Is a 10kbp radio link fast enough, or do I need something faster? I’m eventually planning on using these with agopengps on a farm that’s about 3 miles across. This is my first time trying something like this, so I appreciate any help or advice.

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 2 weeks ago
Hi Tron,
Yes it took us a while to find a good radio setting for RTCM. 10kbps air datarate seems to low for RTCM, especially if you have re-attempts in the communication.
replied 2 weeks ago

I loaded new firmware on the radios to allow for a higher data rate and that seems to have fixed the problem.
– Thanks