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ralphkink asked 5 days ago
Problem: esp32-xbee in caster mode does not sent valid messages and crashes the module after some time.

  • Ardusimple XBEE, running firmware v0.5.4
  • XBEE configured as NTRIP caster on local WiFi (placed directly next to access point)
  • GNSS board: simpleRTK2B-F9P V3, configured as base station with ublox config file

I’ve tried two different NTRIP clients:

  • BKG Ntrip Client Version 2.12.17 (only NTRIP v1 seems to be able to connect to XBEE)
  • u-center 21.05 NTRIP Client function
  • I’ve only used the clients for testing in sequence, never both at the same time


  • After inital connect, both clients are able to retrive the name of the mountpoint
  • u-center initially report a “green” connect of the client but seems to receive incomplete data and reports a connection error 10035
  • BKG client reports a error on connect attempt
  • After some minutes, the ESP32 XBee Config web page “degenerates” – it sill loads but it seem CSS files are missing. Anyway, something is going south on the ESP
  • After some more minutes, the ESP becomes unresponse (cannot access via HTTP anymore, NTRIP clients report “disconnect”
  • The symptoms can be reproduced 100% of attempts

Is this a know bug? Anything I can do on my end?
Big thanks in advance for any help provided!
— u-center log file —
10:02:33 Send mountpoint request (base)
10:02:33 Data received from server (15bytes).
10:02:55 Ending NTRIP session.
10:02:55 Closing connection to server.
10:02:58 Connection error received (10035).
10:02:58 Server connection closed.
10:06:24 Ending NTRIP session.
10:06:24 NTRIP session already closed.
10:06:24 Start NTRIP session.
10:06:24 Connected to NTRIP server.
10:06:24 Send mountpoint request ()
10:06:24 Data received from server (184bytes).
10:06:24 Connection error received (0).
10:06:24 Ending NTRIP session.
10:06:24 Closing connection to server.
10:06:24 Server connection closed.
10:06:27 Start NTRIP session.
10:06:27 Connected to NTRIP server.
10:06:27 Send mountpoint request (base)
10:06:27 Data received from server (15bytes).

Staff replied 5 days ago

Hi ralphkink,

Actually the combination you are describing has been tested successfully.

A few things to check:
1. Which configuration file are you using on your base?
2. Which direction is the UART1/UART2 switch on the V3?
3. Which other features of the WiFi are you using? Only NTRIP caster?

Maybe a screenshot of the WiFi configuration page helps.

Staff replied 5 days ago

Sorry now I noticed, latest stable firmware is 0.5.2, we still recommend using this one.

0.5.4 is still under beta testing. I just saw you opened a ticket in github, the software is open source, not developed by ardusimple. You will receive an answer directly via github from the developer.

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ralphkink answered 5 days ago
Hello Ardusimple,
thanks for your reply and comments.
I was able to solve the problem: 

  • In UBX-CFG-PRT Protocol Out was (correctly) set to “5 – RTCM3” for UART2
  • BUT – in UBX-CFG-MSG the RTCM3.3 message were disabled for UART2

So the XBEE did not receive any data, and hence the Caster did not send any data. This is causing the u-center NTRIP clients to do disconnects and new connection requests over and over again. 
I would still consider this a bug in the firmware of the XBee module as the repeated connection requests seem to cause instability and eventually a crash  – rather than produce an error message in the log file. I will comment on github accordingly.
Also, it is strange that the u-center NTRIP client did not report any error (e.g. that no data was received)… makes the problem really hard to find if you not a ublox expoert… 
Thanks again,

Staff replied 4 days ago

Thanks for the update and also for adding it to github.