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beatified asked 2 weeks ago

I purchased the LR kit a while back and have finally gotten my base permanently installed. Now I am trying to get the Xbee LR link going.
First of all I have the V1 Boards.
I would like to know 3 things…

  1. Is it recommended to restore both Base and Rover to defaults before final config? And if so how do I do that?
  2. What settings should be set in U-Center to enable the LR radios on both the Base and Rover when the radios are connected directly to the SimpleRTK2B. I would like to confirm that the config files uploaded properly. Please do not just point me to the config files.
  3. Is there a way I can monitor the RTCM Data being both sent and recieved other than the LED’s as I have both base and Rover in opaque boxes


clive1 replied 2 weeks ago

Watch UART2 settings, mainly baud rate, and that RTCM3 IN/OUT are enabled, should be by default
Assorted metrics on the data interfaces
Received RTCM3 messages Rover side

beatified replied 2 weeks ago

Hey Clive,
Thanks for getting back to me. I think I may have spotted the problem but don’t know how to fix it.
I posted 4 screen caps of the data
To me it looks like I’m not receiving data on the rover????

clive1 replied 2 weeks ago

Right doesn’t seem to be getting any inbound traffic on UART2, guessing the RXM-RTCM data is coming in via another path (NTRIP or whatever), but you probably want to avoid that.

Not sure of the default radio configurations, if one is perhaps a Base TX Only type config.

Perhaps get the radios on the USB-Dongle and check the configuration, and point-to-point data works in some terminal windows.

beatified replied 2 weeks ago

So all this terminology is kind of new to me but are you thinking maybe I have the base and rover LR radios swapped? I read somewhere in this forum that doing so can create problems at least and possibly not work at all.

Also how would I go about checking the LR Radio config? I know the second USB port is for accessing it but I don’t know how to connect to it software wise.

clive1 replied 2 weeks ago

These Digi XBee radios aren’t my thing, but you should perhaps review the docs, and associated configuration/apps. The RTK use-case requires only one-way data traffic Base to Rover. I’d expect ArduSimple would have stickers or markings to reflect settings/configuration of kit items.

Around here we have USB-to-XBee dongles, with an FTDI chip on, allowing for ready access to the devices without signals coming from external hardware to interfere.


beatified replied 2 weeks ago

So I figured it out. I have 5 different antennas that look exactly the same 3 of them for Wi-Fi and the other two are for the LR Radios.
As you probably know Wi-Fi SMA connectors are RP-SMA and I had used RP-SMA antennas on both Xbee radios.
I swapped them out with the proper SMA antennas and everything works fine.
Thanks for the help.