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josegarcia asked 2 years ago

Hello. What baud rate should be configured on the xbees so they can properly communicate with the board?

Matioupi replied 2 years ago

you can change the setting on both side (xbee and F9P) as long as they are the same and fast enought for the datastream..
the kit that was delivered to me defaults to 115200 for both, but you can probably lower that (need to do it onboth devices : xbee and uart2 )

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 2 years ago

We send the XBee’s pre-configured in the MR & LR kits.
If you are using your own XBee’s:
SimpleRTK2B standalone boards default baudrate is 38’400bps on UART2 (UART between XBEE and ZED-F9P)
SimpleRTK2B MR & LR kits come with a baudrate on UART2 of 115’000bps.