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wein-franke asked 11 months ago
I am trying to use a XBEE-Bluetooth module on a SimpeRTK2B, which were both bought on your Webshop. SimpleRTK2B was part of a MR-Rover Set.

I installed a configuration that works over USB and has set UART2 with 38400 Bauds, RTCM3 in and NMEA out. F9P detection is running on 5 Hz. It also works on similar configurations at the sets of friends of mine.

In my software STRSVR on the Windows tablet I also try to connect with 38400 Bauds. I can pair the module to the tablet as \”RTK_GNSS_473\”. On BT-Details I see one com-port \”Outgoing…\” with the extension \”(Dev B)\” and one incoming port. STRSVR only finds the incoming one.
The LED1 on the XBEE flashes on high speed. As soon as my NTRIP solution tries to send data via STRSVR, that STRSVR only shows a few data sent and has a standstill.
In some other attempts I saw both of the ports when I tried to configure STRSVR, but on one of both had no connection and a standstill on the other. In other attempts I don´t see any of the ports, but windows reports RTK_GNSS_437 to bee paired.

Once LED was flashing at about 1 Hz. But kept flashing that frequency, even when the tablet was shut off.
I also tried restarting the tablet or the board / XBEE without an success to send data.

What could be wrong to the module or to the configuration?
Best regards,

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Ardusimple Staff answered 11 months ago
Hi Wein-Franke,
It is not possible to work at 5Hz over bluetooth with the default configuration, this overflows the bluetooth communications. If you want to receive position at 5Hz is possible, but you need first to disable long messages enabled by default, and keep for example GGA and VTG only. You can do this via UBX-CFG-MSG, search for NMEA messages, disable the ones you don’t need and try again.
Remember to store in flash memory with UBX-CFG-CFG, and you will have to do a power cycle to recover the bluetooth from the overflow state.

wein-franke answered 11 months ago
As far as I remember only GGA an RMC are activated. No Satellite-Positions, and no information that sends much data. That configuration uses to work even with 10 Hz on Bluetooth at the systems of my friends.

Meanwhile I am afraid, that the baudrate of the XBEE module is not set to the right value. I will see when I´ll have tested alternative values.

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