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Hubertus.Rosen asked 1 month ago
Hello, I bought 2 Bluetooth modules. I can connect both modules with Realterm with the same baud rate. Only one module works with the board F9P.
The other module is recognized by the phone, but does not get a Blutooth connection. What is the problem?
Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi Hubertus,

What do you mean with “module is recognized by the phone, but does not get a Bluetooth connection”? Do you mean you can see COM port, but you don’t see any data?
1. If this is the case, first thing I would check is if the board and the bluetooth are at the same baudrate, and that you enabled NMEA. Default baudrate for our bluetooth is 38’400bps. Check that simpleRTK2B UART2 is configured to 38’400bps and that NMEA is enabled as output.
2. Second thing I would try is to switch the bluetooths among boards, does anything change? Is the problem is the bluetooth or in the simpleRTK2B board?

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Hubertus.Rosen answered 1 month ago
LED1 flashes and I can enter the pin 1234 for the XBee in the smartphone, but I get no connection to the Bluetooth, the LED 2 does not light up, if I switch the Bluetooth with the other, I have full function, i think, the problem is the bluetooth, not the simpelRTKB 


Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi Hubertus,
Since both Bluetooth devices have the same name, you need to remove the device in your smartphone and add them again, otherwise it won’t recognize it.
You can also try with another smartphone.
We test all our products one by one, but if the problem still persists we will ask you to return the board and we will check it.

Hubertus.Rosen answered 4 weeks ago


I tried everything without success. I will send the module back for review.
Ardusimple Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Please send an email to info@ardusimple.com for return process instructions.