Xbee Bluetooth connection with Windows fails

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AskoM asked 4 months ago

We have used two simbleRTK2B via XBEE Bluetooth.
The connection is frequently disconnected on all three Windows10 tablets (Dell Lattitude, Microsoft Surface, Panasonic TouchBook).

The connection must be reconnected by restarting SimbleRTK.
Has anyone had problems with XBee BT ?
How to solve this problem ?

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

This behaviour sounds like buffer overflow that leads to bluetooth disconnection. Are you sending too much data over Bluetooth or using Bluetooth devices too far so communication needs a lot of re-attempts? Try reducing number of messages sent over bluetooth (or reduce navigation rate) and try also to put closer the bluetooth device and the tablet.

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AskoM answered 4 months ago

The problem is almost solved.
Only GGA and GLL messages are directed to UART2 (Xbee BT).
The connection will now remain on, but the RTCM correction signal is stopping from time to time.
I use Franson’s GpsGate-Splitter to share BT-com port to the applications.
The combination has worked very well with the old NEO-7P GPS.
It has UBLOX’s Blue Bluetooth radio.
What to do next ?
Would any other com port splitter sofware be better ?

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

We don’t have experience with bluetooth port splitters, anybody in the community can share their experience?