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Lilguy asked 3 months ago
I sent an email asking the question, ” Can I add a coax to the XBee radio antenna terminal, and mount the antenna on the roof of my tractor? If so, what are the radio antenna connectors, so I purchase the right coax?” Thank you.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 3 months ago
Hello Lilguy, we don’t answer e-mails in 20minutes, be patient 🙂
Every meter of cable you add to the radio antenna will reduce its range. We recommend maximum 2m of low loss RG58 cable: https://www.ardusimple.com/product/antenna-cable-extender/
replied 3 months ago

I apologize for impressing that my patience was wearing thin, it wasn’t. I only submitted here because I did receive a response to my email. The response was verbatim the question that I submitted via email to Arduisimple, and nothing more. I was under the impression either the process was corrupted or the reply was. Thanks for your response.

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