XBee (3G) Firmware Update fails

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sidmyr asked 2 years ago

Hi Guys!
Unfortunately i cannot update the firmware of my XBee 3G Module (XBC-M5-UT-001) – my research so far has been fruitless – Digi Forums recommend to get the original Dev Kit as they blame 3rd party USB implementations.
I am using the latest XCTU version – If i try to update after a while XCTU will ask me to reset the module but that wont help.
Has anyone else experienced these problems with other or similar XBee modules?
PS.: Side Note – You have to disable all outgoing Traffic via the UART2 on the F9P otherwise a stock XBee 3G will keep crashing and you wont be able to connect to it at all.

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sidmyr answered 2 years ago

Update: It seems as if the CTS and DTR Pins of the Srtk2Bs XBee USB TTL Chip are not connected to the actual XBee Pins.
I used a FTDI USB TTL Converter and connected these two extra PINs, then the firmware update worked like a charm.

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

We confirm they are not connected, firmware update should be done on an XBee evaluation board.