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Max Polzin asked 6 months ago
Is it possible to connect a MosaicHAT to the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi and to the USB ports at the same time without risking damaging of the chip? See the attached picture for more details on the wiring.
wiring mosaic hat
Background: I am not able to establish a point-to-point connection to the MosaicHAT via the Pis GPIO pins and want to access the mosaic x5’s web interface

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 6 months ago
Yes this is ok.
Max Polzin
replied 6 months ago

Great, thx again for the incredibly fast response.

Note: I managed to setup the ppp connection as well now. On Ubuntu 22.04 Server it didn’t work properly for me (maybe serial console / wiring wasn’t properly configured or ppp doesnt work with the novel way to interact with gpio pins). On Raspbian 64-bit Lite, I can establish the connection.

Thank you!

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