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jacfiscalization asked 4 years ago
I ask those who understood the subject, tell me if the wiring plan is correct.
Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi jacfiscalization,

I can only open the 2nd picture. The second picture is mostly OK, it’s only missing the supply to IO_REF. IO_REF defines the voltage level of TX1,RX1,TX2,RX2. Connect to 3.3V_OUT to have 3.3V levels.

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jacfiscalization answered 4 years ago
Good afternoon.

The first photo gave an error but the second one is correct.

From what I understand, the power to the bluetooth transmitter will be 3.3V and will be connected to IO_REF, correct? Attached together new corrected photo.
Now I ask you will need some configuration on the board SimpleRTK2b to communicate with the bluetooth Velleman VMA302?


rszimm answered 4 years ago
Once you get this built I’ll be really interested in how you find the TopCon software.  I’m thinking about building nearly the exact same setup as you for doing RTK surveying (which I think is what you’re doing as well).  There’s not a lot of software that works well for this.  The topcon software seems acceptable, but seems to lack a bunch of features I think would be valuable.  I’m seriously considering writing some open-source software to do the data collection and point navigation functions but I obviously don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there’s something out there already that does all that sufficiently (even if it is particularly expensive like the topcon software).  Do you know of any alternatives to topcon (free or pay).

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