Wifi NTRIP v's 4G NTRIP power draw & timer switches

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StuartDunning asked 3 weeks ago

is there any information on the power draw of the new 4G NTRIP Client v’s the WiFi NTRIP Master? I am running GPS units powered by solar charged batteries using WiFi NTRIP Master to correct from my base, then stream corrected position data out, all using SNIP and RTKLib. Power draw is a big issue at the site, already we need 110 aH battery and 100W solar panel, but, using 4G would be easier than creating site wide WiFi so I’m interested in the power differences.
Perhaps a different topic, but, i’m experimenting with relay switches to turn the base/rovers on to a schedule, e.g. on for 15min, off for 15min, as we are after a long-term movement data set. Has anyone found any good IoT / remote access timer power solutions?

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Stuart,
Power consumption of 4G NTRIP is higher than WiFi. I don’t have a table that can compare both, it is really difficult to do as the power consumption depends a lot on the coverage (WiFi or cellphone coverage). It can double from being close to the router/base station to being far from them.