Wifi NTRIP master, send solved rover position to RTK lib / NTRIP caster

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StuartDunning asked 3 weeks ago

I’ve got a base and rover with WiFi NTRIP Masters connected to an NTRIP caster (SNIP, so similar to Rtk2go but my private version) as server/client. I want to leave both connected to a 4g WiFi router with no pc or laptop, and get the solved or raw rover data back somehow. In the past (emlid reach) I’ve sent all raw data from base and rover to NTRIP caster, then used RTKlib to draw down data and live process base/rover. I can’t get that working making both base config, or having base/rover config but serving them both to NTRIP to get data, they just don’t produce a solution position. 
I tried running the rover as both NTRIP client and server at same time, but, my log of what gets uploaded to the caster isn’t a solved location….and SNIP is only looking at the RTCM messages.
So, is there a way to let the base be NTRIP server, the rover an NTRIP client, and, get the fixed rover position back out, all using WiFi Master and no pc /laptop plugged into the rover? It could be via SNIP, or RTKlib, whatever works, but, after live solution not files to convert and post process!
Any help appreciated.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Sure, you don’t send the position back to the caster, but you can make it accessible in the local network. You can use the functions “Socket Server”. The issue today for your use case, is that UBX protocol is not available on UART2. Good news is that we are launching a new simpleRTK2B soon that allows you to connect UART1 to the XBee socket, so you will be able to do what you want without doing strange wirings.

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StuartDunning answered 3 weeks ago

Thanks for getting back to me. So, at the moment, you think there is no way to get the positions back from the Rover using the WiFi NTRIP MAster if not connected to a phone or computer?

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

position yes, they are sent via NMEA, this you can already do today. What is not possible is RAW data in UBX format.