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nemanjamnn02 asked 6 months ago
I set up my base station and have used WiFi NTRIP Master and simplertk2b. I configured simplertk2b to base station and have done all steps. At the end, I got at NTRIP server that there is no outstream of data at all. Also, rtk2go website doesn’t show my base station on list. UART works (there is outstream and instream of data). Password and Mount Pt name are well, I wrote those which I got via rtk2go email. Thanks.
replied 6 months ago

Both blue and red LEDs blink.

2 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 6 months ago
Hi nemanjamnn02,

  1. Is your base station in TIME mode?
  2. Did you use our configuration files? http://www.ardusimple.com/configuration-files
  3. If not, did you configure the UART connected to the WiFi at 115’200bps? Did you enable RTCM messages?
replied 6 months ago

Now it works (probably), I connect and all but can not be sure if it works properly, but that’s not problem.
I used configuration files, UART is at 115200bps. How to check TIME mode and RTCM messages?

Ardusimple Staff answered 6 months ago
In u-center, View > Messages View.
If the FIX mode is TIME then you are in TIME mode. Note that you need to have enabled NAV-PVT messages to see this state, which is enabled in our configuration files.
RTCM messages are enabled in our configuration files too, you can check and modify them via UBX-CFG-MSG.

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