Wifi NTRIP Master doesn't reset

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haubruhn asked 2 weeks ago

I baught a Wifi Ntrip Master and a SimpleRTK2b Board. When I started using it, I got the Wifi Hotspot just as it is supposed to be. Then I wanted to set it up with my Home Wifi Network, so i configured it on the configuration Website. I might have set the wrong setting, because after hitting submit, the Hotspot wasn’t there anymore. I can’t change any configuration as the ESP32 doesn’t connect to my WIFI Network.
I updated the Firmware a couple of times with different versions, as some forums said, this would reset my module to default. But this didn’t change anything. I used a serial monitor when i had my Laptop connected to the XBEE + Power Port of the simpleRTK2b ad it shows that the Ntrip Master still tries to connect to my WIFI Network. 
My question is, how to reset the module to default to start all over once again. Resetting the Module by holdeing the Boot Button for 5 seconds doesn’t work. 

AndrewRL replied 2 weeks ago

I am not sure why holding the boot button didn’t work for you (it worked for me!). I find it is best NOT to turn off the internal ESP_XBee_xxxxx Access Point until you are sure everything works so you can reconfigure if necessary. You can leave the AP running at the same time as connecting to your Home Wifi Network (if this doesn’t cause too much congestion in your airspace) just in case you need it.

To reset your module to default by loading the Firmware you need to upload wipe_config.bin to 0x0 at the same time following the instructions on Nebkat’s website https://github.com/nebkat/esp32-xbee/wiki/Firmware-Update