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WiFi NTRIP Master as Base output – strange circumstances

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsWiFi NTRIP Master as Base output – strange circumstances
smilad asked 3 weeks ago
I had buy one simpleRTK2B V1 board with WiFi NTRIP Master with idea to configure it and use as standalone RTK base station.
Other one simpleRTK2B V1 board I configured as rover, and want to use with Cerea for agricultural guidance.
All devices are shopped some days ago.
At the end I have success with configuring, but also I had problems with one unit which have role of RTK Base station and on it mounted WiFi NTRIP Master.
I don’t know is that normal, but want to share with others.
For configuration I use file from here https://www.ardusimple.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/simpleRTK2B_FW113_Base-00.txt
But when I activated process of writing in board Baud rate 115200), at one moment USB connection had lost, then go backed again, but error messages appeard. After disconnection I had no more chance to get connected with USB.
I must use hack 2 and 3 in combination to resolve problem and unbrick the board. With hack 2 computer recognized connection as semi uart and I can’t nothing to do. When I done hack 3, connection can be again recognized as com. I then use “revert to default”, and also “save current configuration”. That process back board to life again.
I read again a lot about everything, and saw that ardusimple file for base made higher Uart2 baud rate from default 38400 to 115200.
I tried once again to upload configuration file and same problem occur, but when board was connected again nothing happened for 10-15 second, but then it appear as COM connected, and I can use “revert to default” again.
I then suspected that changing baud rate make problem. Had try to do only this change manually and same happened again with resolution as second time.
I manually changed baud rate because had problem to use Ntrip Caster option in WiFi NTRIP Master. I enabled RTCM3 messages on Uart 2, port forwarding and dynamic ddns worked well., but Ntrip client could not connect to caster with message ” No mount point” . I also enabled that option in settings page.
Finally I set in WiFi NTRIP Master Uart settings baud rate to 38400 (you declare that right value is 115200), and find where I made mistake.
Problem is “stupid” but that is it. I wrote mount point name, user name and password with some big letters.
When change all to lower case I finally got RTK corrections in testing purpose.
System now work, but I want to hear from you are what happened to me normal circumstances?
I think that communication on Uart2 work well on 38400 baud rate. In WiFi NTRIP Master settings I can read that data flow from Caster is around 400B/s. Baud rate 38400 give 4800 B/s
I think that changing baud rate for Uart2 from 38400 to 115200 (as it write in WiFi NTRIP Master hookup guide) make problem with USB connection and brick board.
What do you think at all?
Thank you in advance..

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Ardusimple Staff answered 3 weeks ago
Hi slobodan,

Thank you for the explanation. You list 2 issues, we will comment one by one:
Issue A. Problem when uploading configuration file. The problem you describe can’t happen using our configuration files with u-center 1. Another step (like increasing baudrate, navigation rate or using u-center 2) must have been done. Can you remember any other step?
Issue B. Connection to caster. Try with u-center if you can connect to this mountpoint correctly. Note that rtk2go bans users if you do unexpected use of the service (e.g. uploading too much data or doing attemps from different systems at the same time).
If with u-center it works correctly, then probably the WiFi doesn’t have internet access (you can check this from the configuration page, or alternatively you entered the mountpoint name incorrectly (check for blank spaces by mistake).
replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you on answer..

As I said, at the end, I everything managed to work, I have no persisting problem.
WiFi NTRIP Master work good for me on 38400 baud rate.

I only noticed that changing Uart2 Baud rate from default 38400 to 115200 (you suggest that this Baud rate is good for WiFi NTRIP Master) in my case make unusable smpleRTK2B V1 board. I suspect that maybe chip on my board have some issue, or something else is cause, and want to consult you. Firmware version which I got is 1.13 and hardware revision is 1.2 On shop pages writen that you sell 1.1 if that can have some implications.

Problem occur in next way. In both circumstances I have working board with stable configuration, I can disconnect and connect USB normally. When I upload your configuration file, or manually change Uart2 baud rate to 115200, board stop to respond and it is not visible in Ucenter.
I don’t use Ucenter2. I only choose right COM port, and set Baud rate for that connection on 115200. Nothing else.

As I also said, I want to use system for agricultural navigation with Cerea application.
I am member of cerea-forum.de community. Ardusimple boards are in wide use within members, and there exist configuration files for rover and base.
Firstly I was try to use file for Base that is for 1.12 firmware, but so many member use this on 1.13 without problem and that is confirmed.
I successfully write this file to board, and everything worked well except Ntrip Caster on WiFi NTRIP Master. I was can disconnect and connect normally and everything else.
Problem with Ntrip Caster which I didn’t know to resolve forced me to try your configuration file, and then in moment of writing to board problem occur.
After that I noticed that same happen when I manually change Baud rate of Uart2 from 38400 to 115200.

I don’t want to use RTK2go, intention was to enable my own NTRIP Caster through WiFi NTRIP Master card. In that case problem was my use of some big letters for mount point, user and pass. But I didn’t know that when problem occured, and my idea was that something is wrong with configuration. Because of that I was try to use different configurations.

That is complete scenario.
I can sent to configuration file from cerea-forum.de which I used if you want eventually.
I know that after firmware 1.11 was transition, and that for 1.13 are not usable earlier configuration from 1.11, but 1.12 as I know use same standard.

Thank you once again.

Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi smilad.

1) If you change baudrate of WiFi NTRIP master to 115’200bps, you also need to change baudrate of F9P UART2 to 115’200bps. It is normal that it stops working if you only change one of the 2.

2) If you don’t want to use rtk2go and want to use the caster inside WiFi NTRIP Master, the challenge is that normally your WiFi at home doesn’t accept connection from outside by default. You need to open ports in your router and forward them to the WiFi NTRIP Master. Unfortunately this process it’s different with every router, search online for your router name + port forward tutorial. This is why many users prefer to use rtk2go so they don’t have to worry about this.

replied 3 weeks ago

1) WiFi NTRIP Master came to me with baud rate 115200 as default settings.
I didn’t change nothing at first. When I got suspicious that simpleRTK2B board have problem when Uart2 was changed from 38400 (default) to 115200 (to meet WiFi NTRIP Master), then I had set baud rate of WiFi NTRIP Master to 38400. I lowered baud rate of WiFi NTRIP Master to be indentical with simpleRTK2B baud rate, and in that way devices functioning now.
As I said earlier, I think that problem might be some issue with f9p chip.
Or it might be that my use of configuration file for firmware version 1.12 on my board with 1.13 can make problems. As I know, I searched about topic, 1.12 configuration files can be used on 1.13 firmware. Have I good information?
What do you think?
2) I know everything about dynamic ddns and port forwarding. I have experiences with that function on my router. I successfully adjusted NTRP Caster service on WiFi NTRIP Master card to work.

My only question is why I can’t set higher baud rate on simpleRTK2B Uart2?
I didn’t try something between 38400 and 115200.
Boards work good on 38400, but I am suspicious.
Will flashing again firmware 1.13 resolve this problem?
Can I flash again same firmware 1.13 as I already have it on board?

I can sent to you configuration files, or everything you maybe need.

Staff replied 3 weeks ago

1) it is not recommended to use 1.12 configuration files on 1.13.
2) F9P chip doesn’t fail in this way that one baudrate works and another one doesn’t. I think we are missing something in the description of the steps you follow. Maybe some screenshots on how you do these changes of settings can give us an idea of what can be the problem. Also some pictures of your board, are you connecting any wires to any pin?

replied 3 weeks ago

Everything I doing, I was explain here. Nothing more.
No additional wires or something else. Only WiFi NTRIP Master in Xbee slot, and USB cable, firstly for configuration now only for power. Antenna always had been attached.
Wires which I used for hack 2 and 3 I removed after that procedure.

My only error could be using 1.12 configuration file on 1.13, but others use in same combination with no problems.

I firstly write 1.12 configuration file on 1.13
Everything work good without any problem. I disconnect and connect board through USB normally.
Then, because I had problem with NTRIP Caster on WiFi NTRIP Master, and I had idea that something was wrong with configuration I decided to try ardusimple original configuration file.
When I was activating process to write that configuration, errors appeared, usb disconnect and reconnect. After physical USB disconnection I had no option to connect through USB and COM port again.
Then I use hack 2 and 3
Through work I conclude (also manually) that changing baud rate on Uart2 from 38400 to 115200 make problem.
That is all.
I don’t have screenshots.

Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the new summary.

Unfortunately from your description I can’t say what is wrong. If you want you can send the material back for service and we will check if there’s something not ok. You can send an email to info@ardusimple.com and my colleagues will send you return instructions.

replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you on possibility for me to send back for service.
For now I decided to use board as it is.
As I tested until now it works well for my usage purpose.
Uart2 baud rate 38400 give enough bandwith for RTCM3 messages which I use to feed WiFi NTRIP Master and Ntrip Caster service on it. Flow is around 400 B/s. Baud rate of 38400 gives 4800 B/s in total. 12 times more that needed.
If somethings go wrong later I will contact you. I wanted to consult you, and that problem will be written here

I want to ask you more questions..
Which baud rate is recommended to use for USB connection with Ucenter?
I use 115200.
Could be problematic when was used same time baud rate (115200) on USB and Uart2 in this case?
Is 115200 enough for firmware flashing, or it must be set on 230000?
For “normal” use in case of board connection with navigation software, which baud rate is recommended to be set on USB?
Also I use Ucenter version 20.10
Newer versions didn’t want to install for me. Problem with missing file..
System is Win10, last version, updated.
Others as I can read have same problem.

Staff replied 3 weeks ago

USB is working at mbit/s, the baudrate of USB in u-center is irrelevant, it works at any baudrate with USB.

replied 3 weeks ago

I in technical mean made wrong questioning.
My question would be about COM ports and using baud rates on them in Ucenter for configuring, flashing.

I finally have idea where I was probably made mistake.
In consultation with colleague, I concluded that I manually configure in wrong part of Ucenter. I used “old” configuration view, instead of “Configuration 9 series”, and then “advanced” option.
I didn’t know for that change from older version of ucenter which I used for my old M8T receivers.
I didn’t try now to change Uart2 speed in that configuration view, but it is very possible that using of “old” configuration view make problem in that manner.
Also I enabled RTCM3 messages on “old” way, and they funnctioning.
I see now that in advanced option of configuration 9 series have more options for that messages, e.g output rate..
I don’t know why Ublox didn’t banned “old” ubx cnf messages for 9 series of receivers.
It don’t have meaning that same thing can be do it in two way, but probably with “old” option in wrong manner which brick receiver.

Still I don’t know why receiver was stop responding when I try to write ardusimple cofiguration file. Maybe reason could be my earlier using of configuration file for 1.12.
On this forum, I found answer when one user have simillar problem. He try to uploud to receiver ardusimple configuration for moving base.
There is explanation, that this configuration must be uploaded two time, because in middle of configuration proces is included baud rate changing?
Can be same for “static” version of base configuration file, as here also exist changing Uart2 baud rate from 38400 to 115200?

Do you meaning, am I on good a clue?

Happy New Year!

Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Happy new year too.

Via USB the baudrate change is not a problem, this only is a problem when working via UART. If the system is working in one configuration, it’s ok.

replied 3 weeks ago

Ok, I understand now topic with USB connection.
But what is with good way of manual configuring.
Must manual configuration on SimpleRTK2B ZED-F9P be worked only from Generation 9 Configuration view or can also be used “old” configuration view?

Can UBX-CFG-PRT and UBX-CFG-CFG be problematic for ZED-F9P?
Is CFG-UART2-BAUDRATE only good way?


Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Both options can be used with ZED-F9P.

replied 2 weeks ago

Hello again..

I didn’t try yet to configure Uart2 baud rate through “generation 9 configure view”.

I’m afraid to not brick board again.

Last couple of days I made more research, and I found one old topic with problem similar as my. Through discussion they conclude that Uart baud rate changing on f9p is no more functional through “old” message view. I don’t know is that true, but their cocnlusion is indentical as in my case. My FW is 1.13, and hardware version is 1.2

Link on topic: https://github.com/KumarRobotics/ublox/issues/77

What one topic member had said about problem on 2 Mar 2020:

” We noticed that the f9p uses quite a couple of new configuration messages. Also for setting baudrates it is using new message types. In u-center you can see them in the “Generation 9 Configuration View”.

So this is at least why setting the baudrate via the old messages is not supported anymore on the f9p, although some configuration settings CAN still be applied.”