WIFI NTRIP Master and LR Radio on 1 Rover

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Denis asked 1 year ago
I have a base station set up broadcasting over both Radio and NTRIP at the same time (using a sheild). This works great. I was initially during testing swapping between the LR radio module and ntrip wifi master on the rover all is well. 
I would ideally like to have both receivers on the rover and be able to swap between them with a switch. Is it possible to wire both receivers into the XBee socket on the rover with a switch on the power line to select which device I want to use.
Would this be enough or will I need to put a resistors on the TX and RX?
Looking at the pinout I should only need to connect pins (1) VCC (10) GND, (2) DOUT for what I need (If I need to reset or configure I would be doing this on the board)
If I can do this I can place put the rover in a sealed unit and just flip the switch depending on which receiver I want to use.
Apologies for the long question.
Thank you.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 1 year ago
Nice implementation! You will also have to switch the transmission line, otherwise you will have multiple TX trying to drive the same pin.
replied 1 year ago

Perfect. Thank you.
I’m going to use a DPDT switch with ON – Off – On.
Wiring the Power and Tx lines to through the switch. Am I right in assuming I don’t need the Rx (DIn) connected in this configuration?
Thanks again.

Staff replied 1 year ago

That is correct

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