WiFi module with RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit

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Fabio P asked 3 years ago
Based on the tutorial https://www.ardusimple.com/how-to-use-ardusimple-products-with-ios-smartphones-tablets/ , to use Ardusimple products with iOS is needed to use WiFi instead of Bluetooth.
With the simpleRTK2Blite with XBee to USB adapter included in the RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit, the WiFi NTRIP Master module can be added ? How? We  keep USB and Bluetooth connection too?
Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Fabio,

You can add WiFi but it will replace BT, both at the same time is not possible today. You will have to open the plastic box, replace the bluetooth by a WiFi device and afterwards configure the WiFi device via web interface.

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