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matthieu.cochet asked 4 months ago
Hello Ardusimple community,

When using internet input with a mobile phone, with Wifi board to use internal NTRIP client.
And when i’am also using wifi to mobile phone to recieve data, i got some position freeze (few seconds without any new positions).
If i use the Radio for RTK input and wifi for data input, all is good.
But i’m doing topography survey and sometimes i can’t use a Radio system (only wifi RTK Ntrip).
Did someone else already got this issue before ?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 4 months ago
Dear customer,
In general the answer is no, there should not be this issue in normal conditions.
Could you explain again the difference between setups A and B? From the description is not clear to us the setup and configurations.
replied 4 months ago

Setup A : RTK2BV3 + Wifi Ntrip master (com 2 115200 bauds) + Shield with LR radio (com1 115200 bauds).
In setup A radio is connected On but not in use.

On UART 2 : GGA Out and RTCM In

I’m using MapitGis on a smartphone to make my survey and connected in Wifi with the Wifi NTRIP master to the “Socket server”
This Smartphone is also an Hotspot for the Wifi Ntrip Master, to deliver mobile data.
Wifi Ntrip master : connected to smartphone hotspot, deliver a “server socket” and connect to NTRIP client.

Got some position freeze ( 2 points with same position)

Setup B : the same but using LR radio with a own base and without using Wifi Ntrip master “NTRIP Client”.
Smartphone connected to Wifi NTRIP Master “Socket server”

Works well.

Setup C : RTK2BV3 + Wifi Ntrip master (com 2 115200 bauds) + Shield with LR radio (com1 115200 bauds).

Using smartphone hotspot, wifi ntrip master “NTRIP Client” But USB cable to recieved corrected position.
Works well.

When i’am using both Wifi NTRIP Master Client and Socket Server in the same time, i got this freeze, but if i use one without the other it works perfectly.



Ardusimple Staff answered 4 months ago
Thank you for the clarification, now it’s more clear.
One guess would be that you have too much data over WiFi. To confirm this, try to disable messages / reduce data rate and see if the situation improves. Also try to use UDP connections instead of TCP which require much more overhead for the communications.

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