Wich signals on board edge? Schematic and pcb layout are needed by all customer

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsWich signals on board edge? Schematic and pcb layout are needed by all customer
amorosik asked 2 years ago

We would like to use classic boards with Arduino-compatible pins, such as these:



for the connection of the SimpleRtk2B cards and the processing of information received (transformation of information from the Ubx protocol to Nmea)
We cannot understand which signals arrive on the connectors on the board edge and therefore it is impossible to connect a control board because we do not know if it is compatible with Ardusimple board signals
Is it possible to have an electric scheme and a layout of the tracks, to interrupt those that eventually conflict with the card below?
It is certainly a determining necessity for the many buyers of ArduSimple products, which would allow a complete use of the purchased card

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clive1 answered 2 years ago

Aren’t all the used pins actually marked with white labels?
The IO voltage buffers being powered bit IOREF
Couple of the UART pins ANDed together with diodes? So XBEE, FTDI and Arduino can drive UART2_RX
UART1 on D0/D1 (UART1_TX / UART1_RX)
UART2 on D2/D8 ?

arwooldridge replied 2 years ago

Sorry this is not clear at all. A simple schematic showing would clear it up immediately. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Which would be required to describe the arrangement unambiguously

amorosik answered 2 years ago

How can you be sure that un-labeled pins are isolated? If you don’t have the electric schema o pcb layout it’s impossible

How do you change the layout of the signals on the board connector (for example tx2/rx2) if you don’t know where the tracks of the pc go? If you don’t have the design of the pcb tracks it’s impossible

The lack of knowledge of these things strongly limits the possibility of using these cards, whose nature is precisely in the integration with other devices
But if with other cards, Arduino format, it is difficult to pair, then I think it is clear the need to make available to users a minimum kit of documentation that includes wiring diagram and pcb layout

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

I confirm that:
– Unlabeled pins are not connected.
– Labeled pins work as clive1 explained, with configurable voltages depending on IOREF level.

amorosik replied 2 years ago

Thank you for the clarification, now we know that it is possible to connect circuits to unlabeled pins without danger of damaging something
But there are other questions that remain unanswered
(..How do you change the layout of the signals on the board ..)

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

Dear amorosik,
Manual modifications on the board are not recommended. We can support these case by case, you can send your questions about modifications on the board directly to info@ardusimple.com

amorosik replied 2 years ago

I fully understand the advice not to manually modify the electronic card
But in some cases it is essential to do so
And not being able to operate as needed, the only possible choice becomes to change the card with which one works with another better documented, even if reluctantly
So, firmly believing that ArduSimple products are the best currently available using U-blox Zed-F9p technology, I am trying to make known the reasons why it is preferable to improve the documentation currently available

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

Dear amorosik,
We want to keep public documentation to the minimum, it’s our goal to keep things simple.
Please explain us what you are trying to do and we will be happy to support you.