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Matioupi asked 4 years ago
just wanted to let you know that one of my 2 boards had a weak solder on one of the 2 sides of the J1 connector, so the connector started to become loose.
I resoldered it and it seems all ok now.
replied 4 years ago


I had the same problem. J1 (usb gps) connector become loose. I resoldered it.

Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Matioupi, GeeJee,
We are really sorry to hear this.
We also have observed these weak solders on a few units that we kept from the first production batch. For your information we decided to implement an additional production step that was already implemented in the second batch of shipments.
Thanks that you could see it on time and solve it yourselves.
Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

replied 4 years ago

My usb-gps connector came off and pulled the traces off the pcb along with it.
Can no longer use the port.
What can we do to resolve/fix?

Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Devere,

We are really sorry to hear that. We would need that you send us an e-mail to info@ardusimple.com with more information so we can decide what is the best way to proceed:
– High quality pictures showing the issue
– How many times did you connect / disconnect the USB

replied 4 years ago

Same here on my rover, but J1 connector was broken out of the box.
Very frustrating. Just playing now with base only.

Staff replied 4 years ago

This weekend we will send an e-mail with instructions to prevent this to happen and how Ardusimple will resolve the situation in case the connector is broken

replied 4 years ago

Please consider the use of Mini USB rather than Micro USB for these types of product where it may be on a bench and attached to hard coax that might present sheering forces against the connectors.

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Kaupoi answered 4 years ago
Had to resolder one of mine too. Hope it holds now. I put simples to boxes so no need to connect and disconnect usb’s all the time. Photo: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ao6_PnVNR5RXg-weDKDV_rF4QOw2xg
Staff replied 4 years ago

Amazing handwork Kaupoi!

replied 4 years ago


Ardusimple Staff answered 4 years ago
We can close this thread. In 10 days we start shipping the new version 1.1 with stronger USB 🙂

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