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beatified asked 3 weeks ago

In the past I have used a product made by MG Chemicals called Silicone Modified Conformal Coating. I wanted to know if it would be safe to use this product on the SimpleRTK2B board. I have no desire to expose the board to the elements. This would only be used as an added buffer against damage.
This is the product…
I would not blame anyone if they were wrong in saying it should be fine. I just wanted to know your best guess. Given the fact that it is an electronics grade coating I would think it would be ok but maybe there are areas I should avoid or some reason to completely avoid it.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Dear beatified,
in general it is ok to use coating, nevertheless:
– the product has been tested without couting, therefore we can’t guarantee exactly the same specification -40 +85 with the coating on.
– care should be taken with the u-blox module has the metal can with openings, and if the coating goes inside it might affect performance and reliability of the module.

beatified replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the response. Does the SimpleRTK2B have a Humidity rating? I don’t seem to find anything like that here or on the U-Blox website. This would probably be the determining factor in whether or not I wanted to risk it.


clive1 replied 3 weeks ago

uBlox won’t warranty modules which have been coated or potted.

I will also note that the modules are sensitive to thermal changes and airflow which can alter the TCXO frequency instantaneously.